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JULY 2018  -  Fed up of lugging heavy carrier bags home from the shop?

Well, here's the answer.  Why not use one of our trendy, funky shopping trolleys from France?  Everyone uses trolleys on the continent - pensioners, housewives, city professionals, teachers and even men!  Not only can you stash a whole load of shopping inside, they're light to pull along and have lots of other uses to, like going to the laundrette, or on a day out with your children, to the beach or swimming, and take the picnic!

Our re-usable funky shopping trolleys are practical and come in fun colours and designs.  In addition they go a long way to help the environment.  Retailers are still under pressure to reduce waste and packaging so help do this with a funky shopping trolley which can be purchased from our on-line shop.

If you would like to see a larger picture of a funky shopping trolley on the shopping page please click the image you wish to look at and a new window should open for you to view!  It would also be of great help if, you, the customer would leave your contact telephone number on ordering.  A few of you don't always check your emails and it would mean another point of contact for me if necessary.  Thanking you in anticipation!